About Us

Sangster Design Group is an independent consulting organisation offering high quality design and management services to both food and beverage industries as well as the commercial laundry sector. Formed over 25 years ago, Sangster Design Group has built a high reputation and is now considered one of Australia’s leading design consultancy groups in the food and beverage sector with active projects in Australia and around the world.

Sangster Design Group offers extensive in-house skills and experience of a General Manager (Hospitality), Executive Chef, Food and Beverage Manager, technical refrigeration and architectural draft team. Every client from small to large projects has access to these resources.

We offer design solutions to maximise food and beverage spaces. A critical part of our design approach is to consider the ongoing operating costs and maintenance. This is to assist the client in not only managing up front development costs, but also on effectively managing on-going running costs – something regularly over looked in design and building programs.

Using the best available equipment, technology and experience, we are passionately committed to work closely with each client to ensure operational needs are met within agreed budgets. This is reflected in our comprehensive and tailored approach given to each project.

Cutting corners is rarely the quickest way to achieve your goal. We have an excellent team ready to assist.

Gold Coast International

John C.W. Thomas

Principal / Director

With original foundations in some of Sydney’s more notable establishments, John has a career now spanning over 40 years as Designer, Management Consultant, Director, General Manager, Operations Manager and Executive Chef in the food services, hospitality and catering industries. John possesses a thorough understanding of kitchen, bar & food service operations. He has a hands on understanding of how to make these areas work efficiently – from a design, operational and management perspective.

John’s specialty is developing operationally efficient solutions to complex food and beverage spaces.

John Thomas

Our Team

Ashleigh Thomas

Senior Design Consultant

Ashleigh Thomas

Deepesh Wig

BIM Design Manager

Deepesh Wig

Michelle Grover

Hospitality Management Systems

Michelle Grover

Ian McAlister

Projects & Technical Coordination

Alistair Thomas

BIM Technician

Alistair Thomas